How it works

The Toredo process stage by stage.

Client enquiry

Client notifies broker of a new transaction enquiry.

Quotes obtained

Quote obtained from underwriters through Toredo.

Firm order

If the client accepts the terms the broker sends a ‘firm order’ through Toredo.

Transaction bound

The underwriter accepts the risk on Toredo and the transaction is bound.


Documentation confirming cover is sent via e-mail and is also available on Toredo.

Benefits of Toredo

Easy access to Trade Credit capacity for both brokers and clients.

Obtain a competitive quote on Toredo within seconds.

Underwriters can bind cover entirely on Toredo, speeding up the process and making it more efficient for all parties.

Toredo provides an efficient mechanism for registered users to access the market in a new and innovative way.

Underwriter capacity is already uploaded to the platform, streamlining the enquiry-to-bind process.

Toredo is a secure system, which protects users' data at all times.

Whilst risks can be bound on line, an underwriter is available for brokers and clients to access if required.

Transparency on capacity availability makes for a better experience for brokers and clients.